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Are there any legitimate work at home or online jobs?

I just want to know if there are any real legitimate work at home jobs? It seems everything and I mean everything is a scam these days. I see data entry, rebate processing, and all sorts of others that want you to pay something in order to start. scams. Please help.

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5 Responses to “Are there any legitimate work at home or online jobs?”

  1. BlazerDiver said :

    I started my own business, building fences. This is home-based, but I do have to go to the jobsites.

    A guy I know does data entry from home for medical forms. This is a legitimate business, who operates locally. He contacted them directly, asking for a job. They allow him to work from home.

    If you search online, you’ll find many, many scams! Get rich quick schemes that are making the guy selling the fake info rich…

    I know two different women who clean homes for people. One has been very successful, while the other is struggling. I think it has to do with their commitment and dedication, or lack thereof. The successful one drives a new car and owns her own home. The other drives a piece of junk and rents a poor excuse for an apartment.

    Just pick something that lots of people need in your area. People will pay for services from reputable, honest folks.

  2. sassy sista said :

    West corporation offers legitimate work at home positions that you can work full time or part time (+ they offer overtime!). My aunt referred me. She has been working as an at home customer support rep for about 3 months and she gets paid every 2 weeks. I just signed up myself..I am still in training. You can apply to several jobs.Good luck!

  3. jobs port elizabeth said :

    Its difficult to find reliable info on this topic, thanks (keep up the good work)

  4. Doodle Jump online spielen said :
  5. Bryant Messner said :

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