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Business Idea?

OK, i’ve been running some ideas by my friends and professionals, and it seems I have a good idea for a legitamate business. Problem is, I don’t have near the startup capital required. Can anyone help me find means of funding? Serious, detailed answers only please. I need actual sources, not ideas.

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3 Responses to “Business Idea?”

  1. darkestsith said :

    Can you in general terms describe the business? And how much capital are you looking for?

  2. osumar317 said :

    Email me at [email protected] i represent a Venture Capitalist firm out of Cleveland specializing in small business start up loans. In your email please be more descriptive and include a contact number. Thanks

  3. BillyA said :

    You may want to start with the Small Business Administration. They provide loans for new start-ups.


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