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Do I have to apply for a business license first before leasing a store space?

I’m planning to open a small boutique selling women’s accessories. I’m not sure if I have to look for a retail space first before applying for a business license. Does the location of the business play a big part when it comes to being approved for a license? I notice that the business license application form has a question about the “LOCATION” or address of the business.
I live in Chicago Illinois and here it’s required to have a Business License/Certificate besides an Assume Name, FEIN#, and IBT#. I already have an existing business, but it’s online home business only. That’s why I wasn’t too sure about leasing a retail space. Also, it’s against the law here to operate a business w/out a license first. My main worry is not getting approved for a license after leasing a retail space already.

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2 Responses to “Do I have to apply for a business license first before leasing a store space?”

  1. SexyTrojan said :

    You can actually do your business license after you start your business.

  2. Lisa R said :

    This probably varies by state. However,it has been my experience an individual can lease the site. To actually OPERATE the business you’ll need a business name & sales tax number (some states require other licenses)…

    Good luck in your new adventure.


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