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Do you need a great business idea to be successful? What’s the secret?

Does someone need an amazing business idea to succeed? I notice many of the companies successful today started with ideas that were nothing genius in the beginning! What’s the secret to companies even that are the size of new iPos? Now the ExXons and wal marts out there but just the ipos what did they do differently?

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4 Responses to “Do you need a great business idea to be successful? What’s the secret?”

  1. Len said :

    1. They’re responsive to the public’s imagination
    2. They understand how to sell their ideas
    3. They respect their targeted audience
    4. They avoid letting their greed show
    5. They cultivate positive shareholder sentiment


  2. jeff410 said :

    They have a concept, a business model. They have or acquire the resources needed. And the management capability to execute their concept.

  3. naveen said :
  4. DailyRefresher said :

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