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Does anyone have a really good business idea that involves the internet?

Does anyone have a really good business idea that involves the internet? I really need an idea for the upcoming deca competition…

Don’t say porn, its already been used way too much

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7 Responses to “Does anyone have a really good business idea that involves the internet?”

  1. boiledcrabs said :

    If someone had a really terrific sure fire method of creating income on the internet, or in any other manner, wouldn’t they be foolish to share that information?

  2. KC1985 said :

    Your very own travel website is something to seriously consider. A link with all the details and how to contact me are very easy to find.

  3. Damien C said :

    If you are interest in create a income visit or email us at [email protected] and I will explain how simple it is.

  4. bigtimeoperations said :

    Research internet marketing…It provides many with a way to earn an income online, and others have even quit their jobs after becoming very successful at it…If you need further ideas, check out the website at: They offer great internet marketing ideas, and I am sure you will be able to benefit from it…Hope this helps…

  5. Cileg said :


    1) Go to google and search for what people want:


    2) Then provide it to them:


    3) Build a website:


    4) Promote it:

    Hope this helps…

  6. Gandalf Parker said :

    Virtual means almost as good as. As in “he is virtually a genius”.
    Reality is the world we know.

    Virtual Reality has the ability to create “almost as good as” for everything (good and bad) that we have in our reality. The BIG money makers has been in figuring out something that exists in our reality, finding out that there is no virtual version, and jumping on it.

    It can be anything, good or bad. From a well known business which is all laid out and easily converted to a virtual version (the latest virtual walk-thrus for real estsate? or the online car salesman?) to something like a real world scam or crime.

    The latest Ive gotten a kick out of is the serious buy-n-sell of fixer upper realestate where its all virtual. Kids building up castles in the online worlds that sell for $1000 on ebay. Or complete real estate development in SecondLife of everything from malls to landscaping. The fashion world in SecondLife is interesting also with buy and sell of clothing or hairstyles for avatars. And the brokerage businesses which cash in on the fluctuations in the conversions of game moneys (what is hot and what is not).

  7. Kiley Falcone said :

    If you live in a coastal community of a region known for catastrophic seismic activity and tsunamisif you feel the earth move you get to high ground you dont wait for an official to tell you what to do.


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