How big should a business be before the owner finally delegates responsibilities?

I am in the family business and my mom is clearly strained… We are blessed to have business hand over fist even in this recession but that is not my problem, or question… My question is how can a small business owner learn to lay back enjoy the fruits of their labor??? I mean she has owned this insurance agency for 30 yrs. and has nursed it from ONE policy to what it is today? But her health is declining as she is still trying to take payments, pictures of homes, etc. on what should be considered now at least a “mid sized” business?

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2 Responses to “How big should a business be before the owner finally delegates responsibilities?”

  1. m h said:

    It sounds like you are at that point. If it feels like too much, it probably is and if you are in the black, you can definitely outsource now.

    If you are concerned about handling the legal aspects, book keeping, etc. of a new hire, you can go through a temp. agency first.

    That way, you pay the agency and they handle payroll, etc. for their employee. The agency can coach you through it. You can always keep the person on, too, if it works out.

  2. David Z said:

    This is a common issue with anyone who started a business. And there is no real clear answer.

    Some people never let go as businesses grow to several hundred million dollars a year in revenue.

    All I can say is talk with her directly. Why will she benefit if she turns over some duties? Has she trained anyone adequately to take over? Will she suffer financially if business falters if she takes a step back?


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