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How can I find legitmate work from home jobs like being a mystery shopper?

I would try just about anything as long as it is legit. I am unemployed and need to make some extra money.

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2 Responses to “How can I find legitmate work from home jobs like being a mystery shopper?”

  1. gasman said :

    Play online roullette, i know it sounds dumb but you can basically cheat legally at it. i’m gonna make over 200k this year no kidding this website tells you how to do it its pretty easy and by far the funnest job i’ve ever had you don’t have to pay money or anything like that anyone who wants a fee is just trying to scam you usually anyway and when you use real money they give you bounus starter money so you never even risk your money when you play and you can use play money to try it first so you no its not bs… the website says to only make like 300 or 400 a day then stop and go to another casino but i only use one of them and usually stop at about $1000 just about every day and i’ve been doing it for over a year and they havnt said anything yet. I hope this helps if it does you could choose me for best answer 🙂

  2. KJ said :

    Check out the link below.

    It tells you the ins and outs of “making money online”. Most are scams but there are ways to make money using your computer if you’re willing to work hard at it.

    Good luck


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