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How can I find out how a person did in surgery from a certain hospital?

I live a 1,000 miles away, and I have noway of getting in touch with any of his family. They are all at the hospital. I need to find a Number where I can reach one of them.

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7 Responses to “How can I find out how a person did in surgery from a certain hospital?”

  1. mrscmmckim said :

    What hospital? Go to and find the number for the hospital and have a family member paged.

  2. papofeo said :

    Call the cemetery and ask for any late activity.

  3. [email protected] said :

    DOPL may be able to tell you.. You may have to go to the individual states and talk to them. Once you find out where they were licensed you can locate where all they’ve been.

    Umm have you tried to locate family member?. You can get hospital listings through Dex online phone directory by city and state. I am assuming you know the name of the patient they are seeing at the hospital they are at. Once you have that, they can ring you right though to the room.

  4. berkeleygirl said :

    Try giving the hospital a call and explaining the situation. They will probably alert a family member for you. If you don’t know which hospital, then I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait it out until someone can get in touch with you.

  5. happycarnut said :

    With HIPPA regulations this may be tricky. Hospitals are not allowed to even admit or deny someone is there, let alone give out personal information to anyone. You may call the hospital switchboard (provided you know for certain what hospital) and leave a message which should be delivered to the patient who can then allow or disallow the hospital to give you any information. When my wife was in the ICU I had to go to the hospital personally to get information–and I am a medic who worked there! Hope this helps in some way. You can check this website for more information on HIPPA…

  6. ZIPPYMAIL said :

    If you do loacte the hospital and cannot go in person. Call and leave a detailed message, and/or send an item with UPS Fedex with your info -have it signed. Hopefully your relative is well enough to respond. GLA

  7. Waistgunner said :

    Calling the hospital will be of no use. They will not give you any information due to new Federal law about medical privacy.


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