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How can I find Partnars to my small business ?

I look to make small business , I need more than six partner , to share and fund small business equlity . I look for real and succsseful small business between 6 to 8 partners .
Please , How can I find Partnars to my small business .

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2 Responses to “How can I find Partnars to my small business ?”

  1. T said :

    Depends on the business, and what type of input you need from the partners.
    If you just need people to finance you, then ask everyone and anyone, have a clear business plan, and a strategy for them to get back their money + so equity and interest in the business.
    Also try and get a Small business loan or money from the bank, this helps people feel more confidant if a bank is willing to back you. If you can not get money from the bank at least you will see what type of financial you will need to put the venture together.
    If you need people with certain skill sets, like marketing or research then network in that field and try and recruit people.
    There is no easy fix, you have to do all the leg work so get to it.
    Best of Luck

  2. Rory McKillen said :

    Feel free to let me know about the business idea by contacting me via mail [email protected] as I am willing to invest in a really good business idea.
    You can dictate your terms and I am willing to accept if they are conducive to me.
    Thanks once again and waiting to hear from you.


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