How can I get a license for my art work ?

If you’ve created a masterpiece and someone wants to license your work of art for other uses, you’re the one who needs to get a license for your artwork. When you license a piece of art, it can result in two things – a profitable or problematic experience. If you want to get your work licensed in a hassle-free and effective way, follow these tips:

1) Look for venues – When venues like museums, restaurants, theaters and local exhibits become interested in your work, the artwork can be used for licensure. Once you’ve found reputable venues who would pay to license your work, they would display the artwork in their establishment.

2) Look for investors – Aside from venues, individuals and companies interested in using your artwork for personal or business use can help you get artwork license. For instance, if you’re a graphic artist, you can look for publishing companies interested your work and ask for royalty payments when published in books or magazines. Always be on the look out for companies and individuals that might be interested in the type of art you create.

3) Keep investment safe – Get a licensing contract from the establishment, company or individual that wishes to use your artwork. Make sure you understand what is written in the contract before signing, else, seek an advice of an attorney to help you manage the licensing contract.

4) Review the license before signing – Once you receive the license, review it carefully and check the details, such as complete description of the licensed art, reason for reproducing or displaying the artwork, venues where the art would be displayed, duration of distribution or exhibit and payment rates, royalties or other financial compensation you would receive for your art license. Sign the agreement only when you have reviewed the details of licensing carefully and you agree to everything listed on the contract before committing to the deal.

As an artist, you should never allow an individual, venue owner or company to gain full copyright and reproduction rights to your artwork. If you plan to hire someone to obtain your license, search for a specialist who is aware of the ethical standards used by the members of the International Licensing and Manufacturing Association.

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