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How can I get affordable health insurance if I’m self employed ?

Today, more and more people prefer to become self-employed to increase earnings. However, since undergoing self-employment means that you won’t receive the benefits employees of companies usually receive, obtaining health insurance can be difficult to afford. If you’re looking for an affordable health insurance plan, there are some things you can do to get one:

1) File as a Dependent – If you’re married and your wife or husband has an insurance where he or she works, you can ask your spouse to add your name as a dependent. Most health insurance plans cover a person’s immediate family in the plan, making you save hundreds of dollars monthly.

2) Consult with your friends and relatives – If you know other self-employed people, ask them about their experiences in obtaining insurance. This can help you take note of things to avoid and fulfill to ensure you are approved for a plan.

3) Get advice from your doctor – If you have health problems and you really need health insurance, your doctor can help you in determining which insurance companies provide affordable plans and best payouts. However, you cannot get information on which companies offer the cheapest monthly plan.

4) Do your research – If you have time to spare, do your own research by simply going online and looking for websites of health insurance companies. Normally, these companies provide an online form wherein you could get quotes based on your current health condition. and provide good information, so you could start your own research.

5) Join professional clubs – Look for clubs based on your field and ask about their insurance plans. Many of these local or national clubs offer self-employment health plans at lower rates.

Be aware that not all health insurance policies have the same rates and terms. Make sure to do your research, compare plans and do the math before deciding to purchase insurance plans. However, if you are unemployed due to other uncontrollable financial reasons, the Department of Labor has a program called UI (Unemployment Insurance) that offers employment benefits to people eligible for this type of insurance.

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