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How can I go about in filing a complaint at Polyclinic Seattle?

The polyclinics down on Broadway, Seattle is being veyr irresponsible with my grandma’s appointment. It kept postponding without informing us about it unless we call in to confirmed. This is very disrespectful in terms of the patient’s health and well-being and I really would like the facility to be aware of this regardless of the current weather issue.

Do you know the email or who to address this issue to?

The address to the clinic is 1145 Broadway, the orthopedic surgery section. Thanks.

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One Response to “How can I go about in filing a complaint at Polyclinic Seattle?”

  1. Bethenny said:

    Hi there – that is terrible! You can check their website ( and on the bottom of the page under ‘contact us’ is a couple of names & phone numbers for contact info, one is public relations. Or, you can file a complaint with the better business bureau- their website is:


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