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How did you start your cake decorating business?

Hi everyone, I’m thinking of starting a cake decorating business and want input from people who have started a cake decorating business. How did you get business? How much did you charge for each cake? Did you specialize in a type of cake?

*Please answer only if you have started a cake decorating business. Thanks!
Do you own a cake decorating store? Or are you just guessing. Once again, I need answer from people who have actually experience first hand.

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One Response to “How did you start your cake decorating business?”

  1. Probably messing with you said :

    What kind of experience do you have? If you’ve been decorating cakes at a bakery that’s well known locally then you would want to mention that every chance you get. If you were in a bakery inside of a larger grocery store that’s fine as long as that grocery store is a higher end store that’s known for the quality of it’s baked goods. If you have a portfolio with photos of cakes that you’ve decorated that’s also helpful. The only kinds of cakes that people usually go to a professional cake baker/decorator for are retirement parties, bar/bat mitzvahs and weddings. You usually charge for a cake based on the size of the cake and the number of people that you expect that cake to serve, and how ornate the decorations are. For a large wedding cake that includes fresh cut fruit and an ornate floral arrangement tabling compliment you may get up to $5000. That’s an extreme example though. For most cakes you’re going to adjust your recipe so that you’re selling approximately 3 ounces of cake/person and charging approximately $3 person, which comes out to roughly $16/lb.


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