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How do I duplicate my business success to other areas of the country?

I run a business that is geographically restricted, meaning, I can only provide service, without suffering profit, to locations that are 1 1/2 hour in driving distance. I want to expand my business model to other parts of the country. What is the best way to do this to insure the same quality that I personally provide while providing my business with a good revenue stream.

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3 Responses to “How do I duplicate my business success to other areas of the country?”

  1. imisidro said :

    You franchise your business — that way, you get to widen the reach of your business without you shouldering the expenses for it

    However, to be able to succeed in franchising you must first be able to show that

    – Your business has a track record of success over time
    – You must prove that you have a proven concept that works
    – You must have a business that offers something unique
    – You must make sure that your business is replicable and can be taught to others
    – Your business must be profitable

    If you franchise your business, your franchisee will pay you royalty fees anywhere from 15 to 20 percent so you need to make sure that your business can provide returns more than those percentages. Otherwise, no one will buy your franchise and your existing franchisees will be very unhappy

    I suggest you prepare a plan on expansion and how you are going to go about it. If franchising is the option you decide, you need to have proper legal documentation, which means franchise contract, an offering circular and state registrations.

    The process of franchising will pose different challenges and many small businesses get the help of franchising consultants to help them do this. You need to find a good franchise lawyer to help draw up your plans. Also network with franchise organizations such as International Franchise Associations

    If you can have the chance to go to Washington DC this April 11-13 there will be the biggest franchising expo where you can get to contact folks in the franchising business

    If you don’t want to franchise, you have the option of doing everything yourself. The pro of course is that you have total control over everything. The con is that you will need to invest time and resources to get everything going in another location, plus you will need to hire employees (manager to staff) to do everything for you

    Another option would be to find a strategic partner who will carry out your business for you in the new location. The partner do the work for you and you give the partner a commission.

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