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How Do I Promote My Business Idea?

I have a business idea that I think will be successful. However, I do not know how to manufacture products. I can design the products, but have no capabilities of creating them. How can I sell my business idea?

Let’s pretend it’s shoes. A certain kind of shoe that many people need and many aren’t available like this. Both men & women can use these shoes. I can create various colors of the shoes and a few alternative styles of the shoes, but I can’t make the shoes myself. What do I do?

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3 Responses to “How Do I Promote My Business Idea?”

  1. Melissa F said :

    get a phone book and look up proto type businesses there are places that will make the product for you when after you tell them what you want then they will make a proto type if you like it you can order more and start selling them and stuff if you dont like it they can start over and make you a new one. I know of a car parts proto type business but thats it but i iknow there are more just not sure where so start looking some up.

  2. BooksToBrowse said :

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  3. World of Warcraft Farming Videos said :

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