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How do I share my business idea with investors without running the risk of them stealing my ideas?

I am working on a business plan and I would like to send it out to potential investors as soon as it is done. However, I’m afraid my ideas will fall into less-than-honest hands.
OK, I guess I should add that I have NOOOO MONEY – which means I can’t afford copyrighting or a lawyer.

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7 Responses to “How do I share my business idea with investors without running the risk of them stealing my ideas?”

  1. Gabrio said :

    Copyright them!

  2. Bear Naked said :

    Use a reputable invention submission company.

  3. Bryan said :

    get a lawyer

  4. hm_pearl said :

    If U want investor U will have to definitely tell them about your idea and plan but try to search for reputable investors, however nothing is risk free in this world.

  5. russ36 said :

    I think you could write it down and then send it to yourself threw the mail and you would have it stamp and dated be sure not to open it and it should hold up in court check into it

  6. Taranto said :

    Before you show them anything, you need to get them to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. You may be able to purchase standard agreements — but if this is a valuable idea, you should talk to a lawyer first. You say you can’t afford one — but there are ways around this. There are legal clinics — and reputable law schools may have organizations where students help small bussinessmen.

    You can’t afford not to do this.

  7. Rory McKillen said :

    Feel free to let me know about the business idea by contacting me via mail [email protected] as I am willing to invest in a really good business idea.
    You can dictate your terms and I am willing to accept if they are conducive to me.
    Thanks once again and waiting to hear from you.


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