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How do people find fixers and small rentals?

I live in the Twin Cities and I am trying to find out how people go about finding fixers and small rentals. Other than using a realtor what other sources can be used? Looking for some tips, thanks.

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3 Responses to “How do people find fixers and small rentals?”

  1. postal p said :

    Look on! Put a low price range in, it will show you every property listed in that city or zip code.

  2. Marylin Pereria said :

    Why not use a Realtor, let them do the work for you, if you’re the buyer it doesn’t cost you anything. The seller pays the commission.

  3. Peter said :

    Try craigslist in the real estate sections. Craigslist is liekk the google of real estate. Search anything with any kind of criteria, you’ll be susprised.


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