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How Do you cancel your subscription to Sacramento Bee?

You call 18002843233, But they aren’t going to give you any option on canceling your subscription and they lie about their associates being busy. Hit 0 when they are giving you the options and that will direct you automatically to an associate. Its a good paper so I would suggest not canceling but if you lost your job or are frustrated with service this is how you cut through the bs.

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2 Responses to “How Do you cancel your subscription to Sacramento Bee?”

  1. Dom Domino III said :

    Just drive to the Sacramento Bee offices , downtown!

  2. Controlfreak38 said :

    Why ask a question you already have the answer to? It makes no sense. You can also unsubscribe through the good old US mail at the address below.

    The Sacramento Bee Customer Service Department
    P.O. Box 15779
    Sacramento, CA 95852


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