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How do you get a cleaning business or a tutoring business up and running effectively?

I am trying to get a business up and running from home that makes me some quick cash.
I started a tutoring business and it has a few students , but it does not make alot of money. I thought cleaning apts for people would be cash and no responsibility except to do a good job in three hours and go on to the next house . I need to get some cash flow going as I lost my job 5 months ago and need to replenish my funds that I am using from my savings. I posted a few ads on the free websites on the Internet and now I will post a few in grocery stores. What would be a good place to get more ads seen by local people in Canada. I am located in Toronto Canada.
Is it a good business to do apt cleaning??? When mornings? Evenings??? For Adults or Seniors????

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4 Responses to “How do you get a cleaning business or a tutoring business up and running effectively?”

  1. *Mom2Be* said :

    I know where you could do some free advertising. Alot of people get on that site to find services/products/anything. Good luck!!!

  2. Danielle F said :

    I have my own tutoring business and the best way to get more clients is by word of mouth – after the school term is over – if people trust you they will also ask you to babysit their kids – which is what i am doing during the break – can charge up to $100 a night if you want – also good to get someone working with you if the time is a bit stretched and get them to pay a fee for you finding them the business – make sure it is someone trustworthy as well. I think the cleaning thing is good as well – try a mailbox run around your local community – you will be surprised how many people need it

  3. June J said :

    I have had my own house cleaning business for about a year and a half. I stated with 3 customers. I got one customer from a flyer I posted at the dry cleaners, but the rest I’ve gotten from referrals. Let everyone you know that you are looking for cleaning customers; print up your own business cards on your computer and hand them out to EVERYBODY. Ask your current customers to let their friends and family know that you are accepting new customers. I have several seniors, but the rest are families. I work mornings and afternoons and, if my customer really needs me to, on Saturday. Last year I made about $15,500, and that’s working about 22 hours a week! I wouldn’t go back to a 40-hr desk job for anything! I could get more work if I put up more posters or put my business cards on doors, but I’m content for now with what I’m doing, but, if you do a good job and your customers like you, you should be swamped with work very soon. Good luck!

  4. nicole said :

    I own a cleaning business. If you do cleaning you want to start doing everything apts,houses,condos,offices ect then you can close in your market depending on what works best in your area. I used for all my proffesional doc’s there are a few online companies you can get all your stuff from. My hours are m-sat 9-5 we charge $25 hr per person. Remember its worth it to get bonded! I started advertising FREE on varies web pages the bulk of my calls now are refferalls and YELLOW PAGE calls(also online yellow pages is good!) hope this helps good luck =)


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