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How do you kick out a rowdy customer out of a store?

As a store owner in the service industry i always wondered how would you kick out a customer who is acting rowdy, loud, and slandering your business quickly as possible. How much forces is needed before I get a lawsuit.
Thanks for the reply. I forgot to mention that calling the police in houston is meaning waiting for 1 hour.

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3 Responses to “How do you kick out a rowdy customer out of a store?”

  1. Rattles said:

    Call the law !

  2. Maranda M said:

    calmly explain that what they are doing is upsetting u and if they dont stop then they will have to leave. walk away and let them think about it…if they keep doing tell them they have to leave….if they dont leave tell them u will call the police and have them escort them off of your property.

  3. Roger said:

    Have a witness and tell him he has been banned from the store and if he comes back, trespassing charges will be filed. If he comes back call the police and they will tell you your rights and make a report which will make the trespass charge stick. Violence only brings violence so be careful using force of any kind on your own.


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