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How does one start a brothel? What would I need to do?

I know that brothels are legal in some places in Nevada and it is legal as long as it is inside at Rhode Island…. I am curious on what one would have to do to become a Madam. Any help on this what-so-ever? Also I would like it if you did not have some form of helpign my answer my question that you refrain from saying anything, I do not appreciate hate-mail or hate of any kind going twords the subject.

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4 Responses to “How does one start a brothel? What would I need to do?”

  1. PoisonIvy said :

    Well, you need a house or somewhere to have the brothel. Then you need pretty girls, and of course a client list. You might need a buisness license, depending on the laws of your state.

  2. DAVE B. said :

    You would need a large house with lots of rooms, nicely furnished. Good looking,nice figured women& probably some sort og guard,in case of trouble. Some sort of advertising to get started,then word of mouth would take over some!! Licence& health certificates for the girls. I don’t really approve of this sort of business,but it is better than having a lot of rapes& molesting going on.

  3. Christina said :

    Thank God! Someone with bianrs speaks!

  4. ngkbudf said :

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