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How does your small business deal with people writting bad checks?

We have people utilize our services and then write us back checks. By the time the check is returned from the bank, we have already provided them a service. Do you send them to collections, small claims….? We are a small business out of California.
The companies do not give us problems, the problems are 1 time customers.

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4 Responses to “How does your small business deal with people writting bad checks?”

  1. spadezgurl22 said :

    resubmit the check 3 times, thencontact the company give them 1 week deadline to submit a CERTIFIED check, then i turn them over to DBF collections, look for a reputable collections in ur area. future reference get a credit card # before you perform any services so people stop burning u.

  2. Spock (rhp) said :

    stop taking checks.

    it is easier to deal with credit cards and debit cards. Customer has to actively do something then if they pass the initial (and automatic) screening in order to stop you from getting paid.


  3. Posh said :

    In Michigan we have a double indemnity law where you get to charge double the amount of the check in small claims court plus a $30 fee for the bounced ck. I would recommend a small local collection agency you can send them off to if you get a bunch of them. Or before extending services make them pay with a money order or cash. Tell them you will wait while they run to the bank or you will follow them to the bank. The honest person will understand and take care of you. The scammers will beat around the bush.

  4. mina x said :

    use one of those check scan devices i think its called vericheck. you run it through and if it doesn’t go through and give you an authorization number just don’t except it. or do what the other guy said simply don’t allow checks.


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