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How much should I charge for shoveling snow?

I live on Long Island, New York. Right now the weather forecast states that there will be 4 inches of snow by night, and during the night it will snow another inch. My brother and I want to shoveling (or possibly using a snow blower) inorder to make some extra cash. Most driveways around my neighborhood can fit 1-2 cars, and most sidewalks are average. How much should we charger per drive way and for sidewalks? Also, it would be great if you guys could suggest some tips, and offer some insight into the business!

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10 Responses to “How much should I charge for shoveling snow?”

  1. Mark said :

    I get $20 an hour but that’s prob too low.

  2. haha said :

    just don’t eat any yellow snow

  3. fork yu said :

    when i was your age i shovelled snow for $5 per driveway

  4. rosemary baby said :

    i think it would be good to charge $100. that seems pretty fair.

  5. bang'n'r0ll $low said :

    when i used to “shovel snow” i would put it in the trunk wrapped nicely in ducktape cuz some “snow”stinks when its in bundles. Also, be careful b/c the cops wont like you “shoveling snow” and some “snow shovelers” might not want you shoveling snow in their neighborhood

  6. The REAL Steel Deal!!! said :

    I’d pay you $30.00 to shovel out my parking space, but I am in NJ. 🙁

  7. D'man said :

    Oh Ive Been Shoveling snow for 2 years and im 13 years old. When I knock I always Say offer because they might be rich and say a very high amount. If they say 5$ dont do it. I would say 10-20 dollars is how much they offer me.

    So just say Offer and they will pick the amount. if its 10- 20 dollars You’ve got a good price.

  8. secretagent25 said :

    Ask your neighbors how much they would charge you. Then tell them what you want from them. Keep bargaining with them until you meet in the middle.

  9. janny said :

    with economy times being tough right now. I would just knock on a door and ask them if you would like your driveway and or sidewalk shoveled. Offer to shovel for a fee of there choice. If you do a great job, they will pay you well and word will travel. You will have lots of jobs and lots of money.

  10. roderick_young said :

    I would go to a house, and when they ask how much, I’d say “up to you.” I’ll do the job, then you can pay me what you think is fair. If they pay you only a dollar or $5 afterwards, then still thank them sincerely, and never go back to that house. But if you go to a reasonably well-to-do neighborhood, I think you’ll find that you get more by just leaving it up to the customer.


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