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How much would it cost to have a handicapped parking space in a parking garage?

Again. I need this information because I am starting my business and I need this information so that I can build my parking garage.

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3 Responses to “How much would it cost to have a handicapped parking space in a parking garage?”

  1. Emily E said:

    the cost of blue paint and a blue sign!

  2. k monster said:

    Are you building a parking garage? If you are than the space will only cost the material you use to build it which will be slightly more than an average space because typically, handicap accessible spaces are required to be larger than regular spaces. You should be able to contact your local building department to find out how many parking spaces you will be required to have for the size and type of business you are planning to open. Every city is a little different in their requirements. Each city can also have a different requirement for the size of a parking space. If you plan on renting a building than the parking spaces should be provided. It is the landlord’s responsibility to provide the building with the required number of spaces.

  3. said:

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