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How should I advertise my small business in my neighborhood?

I’m starting a small business in my neighborhood. I’m picking up dog poo in peoples yards for 5 – 10$. I have put a sign at my mailbox but I’m not sure where else to put my signs.

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4 Responses to “How should I advertise my small business in my neighborhood?”

  1. Michael T. Hanley, CPA said :

    Congrats on starting the business. Your best bet is networking…your local Chamber of Commerce is a good place to start and at those meetings, you should meet several people who are involved with other networking organizations. This is the least expensive and most effective form of advertising.

    Your first couple of meetings may feel a bit akward or a bit intimidating, but it is something you will overcome quickly. If you meet the right people, they will introduce you to everyone you need to meet in order to grow the business.

    You may want to consider teaming up with other companies that are in a position to refer you to their clients…landscapers (they see people’s lawns and know who has dog poop and who doesn’t), pet stores, groomers, breeders, dog walkers, pet sitters, etc.

    Then, try to hook up with some local animal shelters, animal rescue groups, and other similar pet-friendly organizations where the majority of the people you meet will be animal owners who could be your potential customers.

    Additionally, before you grow too big, setup an S-Corporation…it will provide you with the lowest tax rates, the lowest audit risk, and it will protect your personal assets from the business. Once you are earning $5,000 per year through this business, you need to have the S-Corp setup.

    Michael T. Hanley, CPA is the Managing Partner of the Smithtown, NY CPA Firm, Merl & Hanley, LLP and the author of Effective Tax Planning for the MicroBusiness.

  2. Kimberly said :

    First name it something that is fun and easy to remember.
    “Duty Calls Me” or something like that. You may want
    to also draw up a cute logo.

    Now start by you becoming a walking billboard. Have
    shirts printed with your business name, phone or email.
    Wear them non-stop. Walk around the pet stores as
    if you were wanting something. Go to the park where
    they walk dogs. Go to dog parks if you have them.

    Now…look online for every dog event that will be in the
    area you service. Dog Shows, Dog Festivals (or they
    might be listed animal events), PetSmart Fair, etc.
    tell them you will be the popper scooper for the day in
    exchange for a booth space and your name as a sponsor
    on all the signs and material (include your phone or email).

    Couple last suggestions…keep business cards with you.
    Not just ordinary cards but cards you have
    attached a mini dog treat too. Now every-time you see an
    owner and a dog, stop them and
    hand the owner your card. Keep them in the car, for when
    you are in the pet store area, park, etc. Also you may
    want to have a magnetic sign on your car.

    Best of all direct target your potential customers.
    Pet Stores (ask them to put up a flyer), Pet Shows,
    Dog Parks, Dog Groomers, Dog Associations,

    You may want to also directly contact business’s
    who have this problem.

    Best Wishes

  3. Jmaine said :

    You could have fliers printed and distribute these in places with high foot traffic. Parks especially, would be a great venue to do flier distribution since most people go to parks to walk their dogs. You could also come up with posters and put these up around your community. Check out Uprinting, they have affordable printing options for promotional items such as these. Hope these help!

  4. Chris P said :

    Place signs on the busiest corners leading to your neighbor


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