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How should I relocate my business?

When you need to relocate your business for some reason beyond your power, such as the leased building was sold a natural disaster has occurred near your business or you need to expand by transferring to another location. Whatever the reason for moving your business, you need to make sure that your client base is aware of the relocation, so they can go to the new business address where you will sell your products or services.

Before you announce to the world about your relocation, make sure you have the exact date when you’ll be open for business again as well as the exact address of your new location. Make sure everything is confirmed before you send out notices of relocation. Your clients may assume your business is in trouble and find alternative services or products instead.

Once everything is in place, you can announce the business move using as many marketing platforms as possible. If you have a list of repeat clients, you can send them a brief e-mail. However, if you like to keep it traditional, use a postcard instead. Whether you choose to send the announcement via e-mail or postcard, remember to make it as short and professional as possible.

If you don’t have a database of client information, you should post an ad in the local paper. Learn the techniques of making a striking and brief advertisement to ensure your ad is top quality. If an ad on your local TV channels is affordable, check if they can accommodate your announcement. You can also go to the local radio stations and see if they can broadcast the announcement for you. If not, you can choose to purchase a radio ad instead. In addition, if you’re a member of the local Chamber of Commerce, you can ask them to include your announcement in the next newsletter without charge.

Once you’ve taken advantage of every media platform available in announcing your relocation, you should hold a re-opening sale or party that can help you spread the message and even attract new clients. After the opening, send a thank you card to your customers, whether they attended the grand re-opening or not.

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