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How Small business Server having Internal Exchange Server will connect to outside Web-Domain?

We had Small business server & recently we installed exchange over it.
Now the users are mailing eachother internally.
We have website also which is hosted outside on paid domain (kind of useless with its mails)

Now my question is that what I can do to organize them altogether?
For example I think to connect web-domain with internal domain to use emails inside outside.
Any help, link or guidence is welcome.



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One Response to “How Small business Server having Internal Exchange Server will connect to outside Web-Domain?”

  1. samantha said :

    Exchange uses the “SMTP Service” to connect to internet email. You have to configure that service in order to enable users to receive and send email from exchange to the internet.

    Here is an article from Microsoft that explains how to configure Exchange Server’s SMTP service.

    You will need the server to be reachable on TCP port 25 to the entire internet, If you have a firewall you will need to open that port and allow external users to connect to the server on that port.

    Also you will need to get you ISP to direct your companies email to the web server so that the outside world can find you. This is typically done with MX records that point all mail for your companies domain to the mail server that services that domain name. This article will help you understand the concepts of DNS. Most of this is not critical for you to understand but this article has plenty of detail to cover your exact situation.

    Hope that helps.


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