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How to get a film sponsorship from walmart?

I am currently working on making a film that shows the struggles of spanish speakers in small town, USA. I plan to visit local stores and restaurants, speak spanish to them, and see whether they are equipped to handle it.

I’ve been trying to get walmart to sponsor it. I’ve called my local stores, and if they understand what I’m talking about, they give me the 1800 walmart number. When I call there, i’m told that sponsorships are given directly from local stores.

Can anyone give me the real deal on who i need to talk to?

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One Response to “How to get a film sponsorship from walmart?”

  1. Ralice from wonderland said :

    Wal-Mart is concerned with it’s public and corporate image from the word go. Of course you will get the run-around until they figure that you will get tired and quit.
    The company is not what it was when Sam and Bud Walton were in at one time they took the forfront in freedom of speach.


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