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How to make them aware about Community ethics ?

I have found that many ” Askers ” and in few cases the ” Answerers ” do not follow the Community guide lines. Probably they might have skipped to read and understand the guide lines before entering the ” Yahoo Answers “. This tendency can be seen more in new members, who do not even bother to select and acknowledge the answers for their posted questions. Regular answerers must have observed this. Please post your comments, with your valuable advice to them, if you find it necessary.

Wishing a Happy New Year, I thank you all.

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8 Responses to “How to make them aware about Community ethics ?”

  1. samm said :

    ♥ most of us havent read the guideline. cough. but then again a lot of us know our boundaries and carelessly over step them. haha. the only suggestion i have is to keep following the rules yourself, and set a good example for others, report bad questions, and watch out for people who post the same question 40 times (they might just be a little compulsive)

    haha idk why i am telling you this im only 13 and i should be the one breaking the rules no being an 80 yr old bummer


  2. akshay k said :

    you are perfectly correct sir. the already given two answers itself reflects yankee mentality.

  3. Yog said :

    dear manjunathji,
    it is true that the most of them dont follow it, but yahoo takes care of them by kicking their account.

    so do not get bothered by that


  4. spselvam2004 said :

    o.k.I can and will follow the community guidelines.thanks.

    wishing u all happy new year.

  5. saroja ranni said :

    Hello, I dont what u meant about”they”. but on the general.. have more good documentary about the subject on media over and over again . really stress. start in schools for the young citizens…have talks in groups in the vicinity.. just a is a very tough seems to be a trend of the 21st century..

  6. shub said :

    they need to read it, u can not repeat it 1000 times to each individual.

  7. suresh Gounder said :


    I think you have all the details of Community ethics.

    what ever you have details put in discover in Yahoo India Answer when some people see that they came to know regarding this matter.
    Then at the end of the matter ask them to forward to their friends

    Suresh Gounder

  8. Stanton Hoster said :

    An attention-grabbing discussion is worth comment. I believe that it’s best to write extra on this topic, it might not be a taboo subject but typically individuals are not sufficient to talk on such topics. To the next. Cheers

  9. Hashim said :

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