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How would I go about selling a business idea (not invention) to an potential buyer?

I have a list of over 200 possible business ideas that could potentially become very profitable if executed by a good team of individuals or entrepreneurs. Currently, I am developing full scale business plans for those ventures that I deem to have the most “potential”. Is this the only way I can ensure my idea cannot be stolen? or do can only company names and invention ideas be patented and/or trademarked?

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5 Responses to “How would I go about selling a business idea (not invention) to an potential buyer?”

  1. V_for_Venereal said :

    Make people sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement) before discussing ANY of your ideas to anyone. You can draft it yourself, or better yet, get a lawyer to write an iron clad NDA for you.

    If brand names, logos or dress are critical to the product or service, I would look into getting those copyrighted or trademark through the US Patent Office. Again, I would consult a copyright lawyer for this specific purpose.

  2. Puppy Zwolle said :

    Your idea’s will be stolen. Only way is to set up companies that do those idea’s and sell those of.

    The other way is as a consultancy bureau and be a consultant. Selling idea’s as a product is very hard. Selling knowledge by bringing it yourself in this way may be the only option.

  3. tami said :

    I’ve heard some people send themselves a copy of their own idea through registered mail and DO NOT open it. This will show that you created the idea before the date and time you signed for the registered mail. If you need to go to court over creative property rights later, you can let the judge open the envelope.

    Ok, so now you have a marketing dillemma… what you could do is make a straight forward package detailing your ideas and maybe get a graphic designer to make it visually pop. Cut a interactive CD for a slide show presentation on power-point or a similar program to back up your speeches during meetings. You will need to be in a meeting to pitch these types of ideas so that you can explain and answer questions. Approach companies you think could benefit from your ideas, have a price in mind before hand and always go to the head offices of these companies when you pitch your ideas. Good luck!

  4. TradeMark Express said :

    I suggest speaking to an intellectual property attorney about your next course of action. Depending on its presentation, it may be possible to copyright any literary text you’ve created. Again, a consult with an intellectual property attorney would be best.

    I posted some links where you can do further reading about the 3 different branches of IP.

    Hope that helps!

  5. markmold said :

    Develop the idea yourself. Businesses don’t buy ideas they buy products or ongoing businesses. A business plan is part of the development process. You may be able to find potential investors if you have a good business plan. A simple non-disclosure agreement should be all the prof you’ll need that you were the one that presented to them.


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