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How would I go about selling a business idea to somebody?

I have an idea for a business; however, I don’t have any money to make this business into anything. I think the idea itself could become something with a person that has the money or the time to deal with lawyers and paperwork. Is there any way or place where people can buy an idea from somebody else to do what they wished with it? If so, is there a way I could be his/her partner and get a percentage of the profit, or once I sell it is it their idea completely?

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4 Responses to “How would I go about selling a business idea to somebody?”

  1. gurutrue said :

    First you would have to create a Business Plan which outlines your idea and also the market it would impact, statistics you have compiled that show the idea is feasible, and all data you have in relation to the idea and how to implement it. You can then take the business plan to investors who may pay you for it or finance you. Most investors choose to finance Business people since they have no interest in running a business and feel that since it was your idea originally you have the best chance to make the idea work.

  2. Johnny said :

    Ideas are easy to come by, the real effort is in pulling it off.
    I don’t think anyone would buy an idea.
    If you ar interested you might find a partner but I’m pretty sure they would expect you to contribute more than just an idea.
    (Thus explains the word PARTNERSHIP)
    Usually one partner supplies the cash and the other supplies the talent

  3. PeaceNow said :

    Many cities have entrepreneur get togethers.

    go to and see if there is a group near you, but people don’t buy ideas.

    there are a million ideas out there, you will have to have more than just an idea.

    you may find someone who would like to partner with you, but you will have to work at it.

    Good luck!

  4. JOHN F N said :

    As a businessman, I can suggest what to do. First of all are you an adult? Do you have good credit? If you answered yes than go to a business bank and speak with a loan officer about your idea. The loan officer would want collateral and references. The bank may want to hold your business as collateral if you decide to open a market yourself.
    If the bank turns you down find a company that has a similar product or business that you have in mind. Sit down and negotiate to sell them your idea. If they accept, hire an attorney to represent you so you don’t get taken.


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