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How would you steer small business owners to vote democrat?

Many small business owners feel that voting democrat would be something akin to hammering the final nail into their own coffins. Is this fear justified or the result of succesful “republican fear-mongering”? If this is the true result of Democratic policies, why? By the same token, if small business owners can actually benefit by breaking republican party lines and voting democrat, how?

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16 Responses to “How would you steer small business owners to vote democrat?”

  1. oldmarine08 said :

    I am a small business owner, and everytime a democrat takes office my taxes go up and I have to lay off people. Hasn’t happened with a republican in office! One more time and I’m out of business!

  2. Sahara said :

    It is republican fear mongering. No doubt. That’s their game.

  3. John S said :

    Wal-Mart has done more to destroy small businesses throughout America than taxes.

    I get why most people think Repubs are stronger on tax breaks. I guess you should make it about anything but taxes.

  4. Tom B said :

    Small business owners tend to split between the two parties.

  5. Dev said :

    As a republican small business owner, I can answer this as honestly and as bluntly as I can, based on my own angry experience.

    Make emminent domain unconstitutional. If a Democrat could promise me that, I would never feed the elephant again.

  6. Lawrence C said :

    democrats have to offer tax breaks and credits to help boost the small business industry.

  7. JonChicago said :

    Just give up and close down. Then vote democrat and apply for public aid. Working is over rated. Suck up the Government largeness. Let the dopes pay for it. Tax, tax, tax.

  8. goo_head_83 said :

    I think it is just fear propoganda from the Republicans. Republicans say they are for helping the little guy in the buisness world, but when it comes to tax breaks only the wealthiest corporations reap the benefits. Sure some people may have had a small buisness benefit from Republicans and some may have benefited under Democrats.

  9. Keith C said :

    nominate a different candidate! yes their fears are justified..Obamas P.O.S economy plan is going to cause them to fold up and close their doors!

  10. iamct01 said :

    Obama already stated he would give tax cuts to small business.

  11. Holly said :

    I own my own business and I would never try to steer someone into voting democrat. Too many failed democrat policies in the past and no help to the businessman.

  12. Justanotherjoe said :

    You can’t.

    If they have become successful on their own merit(without “any” government help of any type.). You’ll never get them to vote democrat.


    Better start trying to rip them off. Because thats the only thing you guys are really good at. Destruction, lies and thievery are your mastered traits. All to gain socialism, because you know you can’t cut it on your own. The dems can’t come up with an original idea. Too much work. Stealing and lying is much easier for them.

  13. SCOTT M said :

    Why would I want to “steer” small business owners to vote Democrat? Or Republican? They have access to the same information I do and can make up their minds without my “help.”

    Obama said yesterday he would not raise the capital gains tax on small businesses. So does he think small businesses are investing in real estate or the stock market to realize capital gains?

  14. slappyjk said :

    The best way to make small business owners vote democratic would be to seize the assets of all corporations that earn more than $500.000.oo annually.

    You could make a case that fast food, alcohol and other unhealthy products are illegal, sue them, to seize their assets. You could make Wal-Mart an illegal corporation, to allow small business to flourish.

    Since, the democratic party only has socialism to offer, there is little else, “big government” can offer.

    Question for you, comrade: How in the world can an ideology that places handicaps on a capitalist economy, to make it inefficient, so you can over-throw it with socialism, think that small business owners, who are risk takers, people who earn their own living and don’t depend on government, would choose your ideology? Its like hoping gay guys will like girls, for someone who works hard to earn their own way in life, would throw it all away, to let government run everything.

  15. william f said :

    Well democrats would have to change their leadership and change their party policies. small business and small government is what capitalism is all about. Anytime you have the government growing and taking over something from the free market it puts someone else out of business and draws more resources from the others. The Government doesn’t create anything it just serves consumers and businesses and uses But businesses like Wal-mart creates more business by causing more spending and bringing to market new products to more consumers.

  16. Edwardo Bertoncini said :

    Your blog was interesting. You seem terribly knowledgeable in your field.


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