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I have a business idea and need a lawyer to review it, how can I get a decent referral?

i have a business idea that could be quite profitable. I need a lawyer to review it, and I want to make sure that they person knows what they are talking about. I also don’t have a lot of money and would like to offer a percentage of profit rather than paying up front.

Anyone know where I can get a decent referall to a good lawyer that may be interested?

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4 Responses to “I have a business idea and need a lawyer to review it, how can I get a decent referral?”

  1. Jason m said :

    If its an idea for a product and you need money for R&D you may want to look at a patent company. These companies will bring your product to market if its a good enough idea and there is a need. They will also assist in the funding as well.

  2. K.S. said :
  3. ANISE said :

    I doubt a lawyer would take a percentage of profit deal.

    Many would offer 1hour free consultation.

    I suggest you find someone who is established and works locally. In the early stages you may have to visit them many times. It is easier to visit someone locally, then visit some guy who is miles away, has loads of clients and charges big bucks.

    Have any school / college friends become lawyers?

  4. eric h said :

    Only about 1 out of a thousand good ideas ever become sucessful businesses. I doubt if a lawyer would be interested in those odds.

    If you have a friend that you can trust that works in business (as a manager, for instance), you might let them have a look at it. If they think its worth pursuing, they might invest in it.


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