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I need a good home business idea for teens?

Im a teen and I go to school regulary so I cant go and get a job right now but I do need a little extra cash.So I need a good home business idea.Something like making stuff and selling it.My mom told me I could sell dolls,and that sounds kinda interesting,like mabey I could do that but I still need some more ideas.So something that I could do from home,like make some kind of crafts or something and then sell them.And it should be something that you think would sell good.

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6 Responses to “I need a good home business idea for teens?”

  1. youngcrabs said :

    Jewelery is good to sell, painted Mirrors or flower pots, stationary and business cards…and there is always Lemonade 😀

  2. phencycl said :

    You could get together with friends and start a magazine. You could get Kinko’s to bind it and advertize in the newspapers. But you’ll need some capital, though.

  3. The Blues Banshee said :

    Friendship bracelents are really popular right now. You could do beadwork or macrame with beads or what you choose.

    When I was in high school one thing that my sister and I did: we cut pictures from old greeting cards, (sometimes we burned the edges), then we bought wood, stained it, glued the picture to the wood and put shellac on it and sold several.

    I also used to make and sell jewelry when I was in high school. That always sold well.

    Also, if you know how to sew and you don’t mind doing mending, there are always people out there who would love to find people to sew buttons and mend things, because it’s just too tedious for them or they don’t know how. Do you know how much alterations shops charge for mending? One place where I went to high school, the local Youth Services Bureau had a sort of employment referral program for teens. Teens who were registered gave information on what kind of work they were willing to do. People would call in looking for someone and we (yes I volunteered for this also) would look through the files and find someone to take care of the job. It was really cool! Sometimes people called with longterm part time jobs, most of the people called regularly with things like chores: yardwork, mending, raking, shoveling snow, painting, babysitting, cleaning, etc.

    Raking leaves is also a great business where you can charge like $25 a yard, provided you live somewhere where you have a fair amount of trees with falling leaves.

    Homemade rag dolls would be a really cute idea and I bet those would sell, just because it would be so retro & I haven’t really seen much of anyone doing a lot of that recently.

  4. imisidro said :

    It is hard to tell someone what is a “good” business idea, because each has their own likes, personal goals, preferences and others. What I may think as a good home business may not be something you enjoy doing. You have to find it out for yourself what you like to do.

    But for information on what you can possibly do, I suggest you check out the following books (go to your library or ask your mom to buy it for you):

    – Arco 50 Great Businesses for Teens (Hardcover) by Sarah Riehm (A little dated but still contains good business ideas)

    – The Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting and Running a Business : NEW: Use the Internet to jump-start your company; Find out where the money is… and … ideas, from pet care to public relations; (Paperback)
    by Steve Mariotti

    – Better Than a Lemonade Stand: Small Business Ideas for Kids

    Good luck
    Isabel Isidro
    For information on starting a home business, visit

  5. chica bonita said :

    Babysit, or tutor children if you get good grades.

  6. ernllw said :

    I used this to start my first home biz.


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