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Small Business?

I am in UK and for some time planning to start some small business from my home with my present job and if successful I take it as full time and leave my job.
Some ideas come to my mind like start some Internet or ebay business and trust on the wholesalers or dropshippers.
Or, contact some wholesalers and sell from home with local ads etc. But I am still not clear that this is a good idea and which products I can sell.
Is there any one who can guide me for some small business which I could start from home in the beginning?
Or any good idea which could help me to start any small business? Hope the community can help me with some good ideas and guidance.
Thanks in anticipation.

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5 Responses to “Small Business?”

  1. robert c said :

    It really depends on who you are. Are you outgoing and want to start a home business with parties in other people’s homes or not?
    Sounds like you are a natural and have the experience needed to do about anything you want.
    My advice is to look around and pick something you are passionate about and then RUN with it.
    If you are passionate about helping people with their health, and help them become financially independent as well as you, then i strongly feel I have a link that might help you out

    if you would like to find some research and testimonies behind what i do, go here

  2. jdmatawan said :

    Check out my website:

  3. John N said :

    You can make good money with ebay reaching $10K /month , if you are interested you can find hundreds of products that sell easily on ebay , use salehoo, , its a very big wholesalers list you will find cheap brand name products that you can sell very well on ebay there and a prefect guide on how to make a profitable business on ebay
    Good luck

  4. arichmofo said :

    I would also recommend in getting an eBay starter kit… I got mine as a way of educating myself about starting an eBay business when I was considering prospects for beginning my work from home ventures. I learned everything that I need to get myself started… as well as some more advanced techniques to help build my business. They continue to maintain their value as a continued reference resource after you start you business as well…

  5. Winston Firpo said :

    I’d need to check with you here. Which isn’t one thing I usually do! I get pleasure from reading a put up that will make folks think. Additionally, thanks for allowing me to remark!


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