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What are advertising agencies ?

Advertising agencies work as an independent company that offer advertising and marketing needs of other organizations. Such services involve a mix of advanced marketing strategies, advice on popular culture, market studies, industry statistics and other marketing services. Many companies hire advertising agencies because they could provide an objective take about their advertising and marketing needs.

Besides giving a professional advice on company needs, advertising companies help in creating a company brand by producing logos, preparing brochures, making creative slogans and writing sales copy for a client’s marketing needs. These agencies also write and issue press releases to promote new products, events and programs as well as produce public service announcements for social programs and charitable organizations.

Advertising agencies use different types of media like radio, TV, newspaper and magazines to promote a client’s business. Some agencies even go further and provide event planning for conventions and seminars.

Many companies get help from advertising agencies because these agencies have the expertise in evaluating a company, determining a company’s goal and learning which audience to target for a specific promotion. If a company sells 190s pin-up shoes, the advertising agency would probably position the company’s magazine ads in a women’s magazine like Vogue or on a TV commercial during a women-themed show. Since the tone and look of this ad campaign is geared towards younger women in their 20s to 30s, the design elements selected by the ad agency is usually more conventional than if the target were an older generation.

Advertising agencies may belong to different associations, so before signing a contract, it is best to check if the company is a member of associations like the American Advertising Federation, the Ad Council, the American Association of Advertising Agencies or the International Association off Business Communicators. You could also check with the Better Business Bureau to determine the credibility of an advertising agency.

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  1. Lisa said :

    Thanks for the piece. It can be a rocky road trying to get small business owners to understand this info. 🙂

    I especially found the last paragraph informative personally.


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