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What are good business related jobs that do not require a move to a city?

I am currently in high school and am interested in a career in business, but I don’t want to move to the city. What are business related jobs with high salaries that do not require a move to the city?

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3 Responses to “What are good business related jobs that do not require a move to a city?”

  1. timster1984 said :

    Well, almost any position in business that’s in the city is also in the rural area as well, just not in as much frequency. You have your choice of sales, management, marketing, etc. All depends on what you’re interested in. Go to college, major in the area of business you /want/ (not what you think is the most desirable, since there’s always job openings for something), and then find where there’s a job market for your major in an area you would like to live in.

  2. OH SNAP. said :

    I currently reside in the suburbs of Las Vegas with my mom and her bf. Dunno if you’d count that as a city, but I’m actually about 45 mins away from the actual strip where people visit. It’s very peaceful here. My mom moved here for a casino job, but her bf came along as well for a casino job but has a business-related job with a great salary. It’s a money-loaning job thing.. I’m not sure. ^^; I’m still inexperienced with jobs and all, but I’m pretty sure it’s business. He makes a great deal of money, and the manager there.. or whatever.. she’s like riiich. I can tell by her car and her free time gambling at casinos.

  3. VirtualElvis said :

    Consider sales. Sales folks often travel to places in their territory, but can live anywhere.
    When you think of sales, don’t think used car salesman – think of someone who can consult with and help people with great products.


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