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What are the various business opportunities that for entrepeurs?

Currently, I am seeking various opportunities but I do not know which one suitable for myself. Since, I am in this predicatment how would I know which form of business is worth getting involve in. In addition, what are the important apsects of starting a business, with very small amount or no money at all. This may sound very stupid, but is it possible to start a business with no money?

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5 Responses to “What are the various business opportunities that for entrepeurs?”

  1. HumbleAdvisor said :

    One of the characteristics of a true entrepreneur is the ability to improvise and find ways to make things happen. If you dont have money, see if you can get a loan or connect a deal with suppliers so you can sell something. You can also arrange for something to paid in 30 days, so you have time to sell it and make your money on the margin. Many entrepreneurs use their credit card to cover expenses and costs in the short term.

  2. Joe T said :

    Basically find what you enjoy and find a way to make it into a business. And trust me it doesn’t take alot of money to make money. I started out with only $200 for my first business and now make that in a day or two. The key is to market yourself with the service you are offering and do your best to please the customer.

  3. G B said :

    Business is like a courtship; you either love it or hate it. An Entrepreneur is creative and resourceful. Yes there are some free opportunities out there but if you want a great opportunity think about this:

    Company- How long has it been established
    Ripoff Report- investigate it to see if it’s the Associate or company
    Better Business Bureau- see if there are any complaints
    Credibility- is it a public company
    Marketability- what is the market share/ and how many companies are doing it
    Support- regional, telephone, internet
    Risk- low capital
    Does it match up with your goals-
    How many products or services do you have the opportunity to sell
    Commission- How are you going to get paid? How often? Bonuses?

    If you like some additional information just to see if my business might benefit you email me at [email protected]

  4. ashok said :

    Read this quickly!

    There’s a lunatic on the internet called Jon Davies and he’s giving away an e-book that explains how to turn your computer in to a virtual ATM.

    He’s giving it away for absolutely nothing.

    What’s even more incredible is the fact that his system converts up to 90% of visitors in to sales. It’s being described as the “perfect” system.

    And it’s free.

    I think he’s actually made a mistake, and when he realises, he’ll start charging at least $197 for it. But for now, you can download your own copy of it for nothing at all.

    He’s genuinely doing something that no one else has ever been brave enough to do before.

    I’m not going to waste any more time in this email………..I’m off to use his system for myself.

    I strongly suggest you take a look. If you don’t like it, at least you haven’t lost anything, but only a fool would walk away from this.

    If you don’t believe me; take a look.

    All the best

    Ashok Kumar

  5. Helpful Adel said :

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