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What blog sites would be good for a small business in floral and gifts?

I am helping some friends get their shop on the map and noticed. They have a web site. One of the ways in my research to optimize a web site is to use a blog. I am not blog savvy and neither are they so need a little help as to good sites to place there blog so that they get noticed.

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5 Responses to “What blog sites would be good for a small business in floral and gifts?”

  1. lovellovel said :

    A blog is an online diary where people share their thoughts and daily activities. Due to the easy availability of online publishing tools, even an average internet user can start a blog.


    these are some free blog hosts with template and design tools , more details available at-

  2. MoreThanThis said :

    Don’t forget to post an ad on I know that’s not a blog site but it is free exposure for the business.

  3. Roye said :
    You can do both blog and upload your photo images for free here. They have very good security for images and blog post. If you set your album or post as private, other user can not see your album’s images or post unless you allow them to see it. Best of all, the message and feedback feature allow you to contact your friend or other user directly easily. After you sign up, your URL address will be “”. Easy to remember and you can share it with your friends. Customise themes and title allow you to set up your personal style for the interface. For business part, they have good interacting tools such like message and feedback that allow other user to contact you freely.

  4. Trinh Diemoz said :

    This web site doesn’t render properly on my apple iphone – you may want to try and repair that

  5. audio technica m50 review cnet said :

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