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What business field would work best for me?

I need help. I am a senior in high school and I am going to attend college this fall. I need help deciding my major. I know I want to go into business. I’m stuck between marketing, finance and accounting. I have always imagined working in a large sky scarper building, dressed in business attire, traveling, speaking at meeting and possibly traveling. Help me please. Give me details on each.

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4 Responses to “What business field would work best for me?”

  1. tamil..from vellore said :

    please do yourself as per your taste and also keeping your future in mind.

  2. jbp11 said :

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  3. deepam arora said :

    i m recently passed 12 std nd now doing hons bt i wnt knw that which type of business i will do

  4. sameer nadaf said :

    can u tell me , in which field can i open a business.and will it better for me?


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