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What business minor should I get in addition to human resource management?

As a psych major I am well aware that my major is useless on its own so I am going to get some background in business by majoring in human resource management. My college also offers seven other business minors, accounting, business administration, economics, international business, management, management information systems, marketing, and personal financial planning. Which of these would be beneficial along with my HRM minor?

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4 Responses to “What business minor should I get in addition to human resource management?”

  1. dfsd said :

    I think you can take International business as a minor with resource management. It’s better better to take this.

  2. jazz said :

    combine all these skills and incorporate business resources to be beneficial to you. Methods

  3. infomercialscams said :

    I think you have to choose the Marketing section in Human Resource Management(HRM) because in marketing you get the nice job in the good reputed company on a high post..

  4. Pinky_Hughes said :

    There are two that will benefit you the most. The personal financial planning and the management information systems. If your more career bound I would go with MIS, but you want to know how you can survive during a recession, I would go with PFP.


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