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What can you tell me about small business loans?

I’d like to get a small business loan to cover start-up costs and to give me working capital for two years. I’d also like at least 40 acres of land for the business to use. Should I bundle the loan for the business with the loan for the land or should I do each loan seperately?

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4 Responses to “What can you tell me about small business loans?”

  1. robert w said :

    since u do not say what or where u are planning to do this it is a guess.
    land loans are often separate from business loans.
    working capital for 2yrs is a long shoot.

  2. faakitt said :

    It is almost imposible to get a two year start up loan it is hard to get money to get started i have started up 3 different one and they were all hard to start with money out of pocket there are people out there that build what you call shelf business that they make set on for 2-3 years and then the company can get credit with little to no expense out of pocket something to think about i have 2 of these but only 1 year old! hope this helps

  3. Sarah P said :
  4. Booker Cathie said :

    Just want to say your blog is very good. I always like to hear something new about this because I have the similar blog in my Country on this subject so this help′s me a lot. I did a search on the issue and found a good number of blogs but nothing like this.Thanks for sharing so much in your blog.. Greets, Darijan


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