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What classes and Requirements are needed for a Missouri Real Estate License?

Im 22 and wanting to start my career journey. I am currently working in sales but have recently realized that the real estate market would be a much better fit for my life. I am outgoing, organized, and great with people. Im just not sure the steps that I need to take. Would appreciate any suggestions or knowledge you may share. If there are any local real estate companies looking to take on an intern please let me know, the more experience I can get, the better! Thank You.

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One Response to “What classes and Requirements are needed for a Missouri Real Estate License?”

  1. daeve930 said :

    When I got my license, I saw a sign in the window at a Gundaker office saying they were offering scholarships to real estate school. I called them and they paid for me to go to their Academy of Real Estate out on Clayton and 141. I paid for books and I think I paid to take the test. There are two tests, and the main thing I learned in real estate school was how to pass not only that test, but pretty much any test I’ve taken since then. Call a local Gundaker and ask them about it.

    You can go to community college too, and you may learn more about real estate, take a lot longer than 4 to 6 weeks, and it will certainly cost you more. Another thing you might do is ask a local real estate agent if you could shadow him for a day or two, so you can see what they really do. Once I was actually licensed and in the office, I hated every second of it.


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