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What common store would have a hemostat, i need to buy one?

I need to buy a hemostat but i dont know where to get one. I tried radioshack they dont sell them there. This instrument is used for a variety of different things but is more commonly used for surgical purposes as well as electronics and fishing. I have no clue where to go please help a store thats open to the public in california.

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One Response to “What common store would have a hemostat, i need to buy one?”

  1. mahleezah said :

    These people sell a variety:

    Blue Lake Products
    P.O. Box 16355
    Irvine, CA 92623-6355 U.S.A.

    949-786-0108 customer service
    800-257-3477 sales / order
    949-786-3108 24 hr fax

    Or, you might try your local telephone directory for Home Medical Supplies, and see if they carry them.. Additionally, retailers like Walgreens have medical supplies such as these sometimes available for ordering to ve delivered for sale at their stores, even though they may not regularly carry them on the store shelves. Good luck.


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