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What do I have to do to get an internship at the New York Times?

I hope to someday intern (and maybe work) at the New York Times, and I am wondering what is required for this? Obviously you need clips and a cover letter and things like that. But is an internship at the Orange County Register and the St. Petersburg Times enough? Plus around ten good clips from a college newspaper? How do I write my cover letter and my “500 word autobiography?” Is it really impossible to get this internship?

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One Response to “What do I have to do to get an internship at the New York Times?”

  1. yahoo-answer-er said:

    The best way to find out about internships at NYT is to contact the newspaper directly. Find out who is in charge of selecting interns, email that person, and ask them how they choose from their applicant pool.
    Try to find out
    1)How many interns they select for X SEMESTER/SUMMER
    2)How many applications they typically receive
    3)Where their interns typically come from, if they are undergrads or grad. students, whether they hail from all over the US or just the east coast; and any other questions you may find relevant.

    Columbia University has a course for their graduate journalism students which is, in fact, an internship at the New York Times! So one way to guarantee yourself an internship would be to attend Columbia University’s graduate school of journalism (I have no idea how difficult it is to gain acceptance to Columbia, though I understand they have one of the nation’s most respected journalism schools).


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