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What has happened to the quality of the people in the work force?

It seems people either don’t know, don’t care or just can’t be bothered when the customer has a problem.

Is this due to a lack of training, lack of management or is it that the people going into the work force today just don’t give a rat’s @ss?

I get disgusted with clerks in stores not knowing or caring if they carry an item and getting sent on wild goose chases looking for it.

I get tired of medical insurance companies refusing claims that are supposed to be paid. Oops someone must have pushed the wrong button. We will reprocess the claim.

I get sick of calling 800 customer service numbers and getting someone who has such a heavy accent of some kind that I have difficulty understanding what they are talking about.

I don’t know if one of the above is the problem or if I am just becoming a cranky old f@rt.

I put this in local business category, however it is not just local it seems like it is everywhere. It should perhaps be in society and culture.

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One Response to “What has happened to the quality of the people in the work force?”

  1. kingmagicman said :

    i feel the same way.

    the work force is getting younger on average, therefore less experience and quality training is provided.

    add to this, the influx of foreign workers in north america and you now have communication difficulties.

    service levels have dropped tremendously as a result of the above factors, causing continual and ever increasing grief for the customer.

    successful companies key into these areas with proper training and language skills screening.


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