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What is a good business to purchase for a first time business owner?

I have my business degree, and money for investing. I am interested in buying a business that doesn’t require my presence and that is profitable. What is a good type of business to purchase in the next year in South Florida?

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2 Responses to “What is a good business to purchase for a first time business owner?”

  1. hollywood said :

    restaurant everyone always eating, photography theres someone always marrying,etc funeral home there is someone always dying selling coffins,job search location helping people find job in thier area one time application fee for yr company search. strip clubs there is always idiots spending thier hard working money, a billards bar n grill.good luck wish i had to money to buy a business

  2. justwondering said :

    You seem to an idea that the owner does nothing and racks in the big bucks. It is true that business owners only have to work half days and they get to pick which 12 hours they work – but I can tell you, your profits will walk out the door unless you participate and understand the business. If a business ran it’s self there would be no reason to sell it – the owner would just keep receiving the profits.
    So look for a business you understand – and one you could actually work at. Otherwise – become a lender – the interest rate is higher but so are the risks. Buy a rental – but be ready for repairs at all hours.


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