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What is a lemon law ?

Lemon laws were passed for the protection of the consumers who have purchased products with serious defects. If a product can no longer be repaired within a the warranty period, it is usually referred as a “lemon”. Consumers who are stuck with a lemon can find their rights protected with lemon laws.

There are different types of lemon laws that cover a wide variety of product. Leasing a car that continuously develops different kinds of defects with early purchase is one example. The car can be covered by your lemon law for a brand new car replacement. The car defect should be major, such as those affecting the safety, value and operation of the vehicle.

Just like other types of laws, lemon laws vary by state. As such, make sure to check guidelines carefully to know the actions you need to take in protecting your investments. Replacing a vehicle with defects within 30 days of purchase or vehicle that require repairs on the same problem for more than four time within a year are standard regulations in lemon law.

There are manufacturers that will convince you that your rights are void within the contract signing due to the clause inserted into the agreement, but it is still invalid because lemon laws are fixed and still apply in full force. Some manufacturer will also try to convince you to go under mediation instead of going to court. Be advised that consumers are not required to participate unless the Federal Trade Commission set out the rules.

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