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What is a mail shot ?

In advertising, a mail shot can be a magazine, flyer, coupon or letter as a type of direct advertising, which is sent to different addresses as a way to earn more clients for a particular company. Mail shots aim to target potential clients who would use the services or buy products of the company, but many people call such mails as “junk mail”.

The most effective type of mail shots are those offering discounts, freebies or promotions. Companies can directly perform the mail shot or hire an outside distributor who would advertise the company for them. Such distributors usually have a large database of potential clients, but they often send the mails addressed to the “occupant” or “resident” to avoid return mails, particularly if the mail is addressed to someone who is not living in the present home.

When a mail shot reaches its target audience, the company becomes successful in its goal. For instance, if the company is trying to promote a sale that would occur in the city, they might want to send in flyers to people near the business.

Businesses that send their own mail shots are also successful because they often use addresses of their previous clients. These lists are often gained by businesses when people register on a website to receive promotions or from past clients who sent in personal checks with their respective name and addresses. This practice is much more effective if the company offers discounts to past clients.

All kinds of businesses and professionals, even those who are still starting out, can use mail shot in announcing their new service, product or business along with their office address, contact details and websites. It could benefit professionals like dentists, veterinarians, accountants and many more, allowing an inexpensive way to give the public information of their services and products.

Compared to radio, TV or website advertising, a mail shot is very inexpensive. However, some experts recommend using direct mail service, instead of performing the mail shot on your own, since it could be time-consuming and untargeted, especially to those who haven’t done a mail shot before. Be aware that prices of performing mail shot depends largely on the number of people you plan to send the advertising letter.

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