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What is a transaction attorney ?

A transaction attorney is a type of registered attorney that is highly specialized in business law. These types of attorneys have expertise in drafting, execution and management of significant business documents, such as merger documents, employment contracts or real estate deeds. In general, a transaction attorney deals with any kind of transactions, which affect the ability of a business to function due to laws set for a particular industry or location.

Most large corporations have a regular transaction attorney on the payroll because daily tasks may involve important business transactions a corporation may consider. Such transactions may range from contracts to acquisitions, revisions of documents and other important documents that need the transaction attorney’s expert advice. This way, the documents are worded and drafted in a way to meet provisions set by local law and to convey the intentions of a company without breaking any laws.

For small to medium-sized businesses, transactions attorneys are hired for a one-time consultation or project. Since these attorneys know their way around business legalities, it is easy for them to assist companies understand contracts before purchasing businesses, or before closing any type of business transactions.

Although a transaction attorney have high rates for their service, their knowledge and skill in business law can help the company avoid any difficult legal issues in the future. Since a transaction attorney can easily pinpoint irregularities in contracts or transactions, the clients are saving money by getting expert advice instead of being faced with a lawsuit afterwards and spending millions.

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